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beaver held "beauty in Chinese - win world salon Festival

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On October 22, 2014, Borges held in Guangzhou "in the United States Chinese - win world salon Festival, together with other Tony Studio ,  WAKEUP beaver soft modeling agency, zhe Hairdressing Academy, Rui, Ai Si, color, silk arts and beauty industry, Kazakhstan, a Guangdong television, TVS" FUN Shang Hui ", COSMO LADY, taste, fashion, Ruili Shi, SELF, Mina, COCO, eu, MODERN WEEKLY ,SINA, ladymax, Tencent, Guangdong network and other organizations jointly organized.beaver soft to the festival, demands not the product or technology, but China advocate of hairdressing hairdressing industry common ideal, create national brand image belongs to the Chinese! For this ideal, beaver soft with the strength of oneself, for this goal and struggle. In order to be more targeted, our product research and development in different countries according to the consumer characteristics and needs; to be safe, we set up large-scale production line, the enterprise through Europe and the United States pharmaceutical companies GMPC certification system and the ISO22716 quality management system certification; in order to better health, our products are extracted from natural plants and raw materials from all over the world. And in today, beaver soft to the industry to put forward a concept - to create a world class brand belonging to china!

We join hands with the world's top beauty salon, learn the world's professional hair industry experience and inspiration for fashion and have their own unique vision and perspective,

We have deep passion and responsibility for the rise of Chinese hair brand.