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BEAVER gentle autumn fair 2016

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Guangzhouin the early September, the heat has been back in the air with the breath of autumn.

In September 4, 6 days, For a period of three days of the forty-fifth session of the Chinese International Beauty Expo inGuangzhouPazhouInternationalExhibitionCenteropened the curtain.

And beaver’s group has also been participating in the exhibition.

China International Fair has become the world's first professional beauty salon exhibition.

This session of the fair, the United States Fair, the elite gathered, is the beauty salon industry

An ideal platform to achieve one-stop procurement.

The design of the exhibition hall, the cohesion of the beaver’s people's mind and hard work.

beaver's Pavilion style, color, space, every piece of design selection, every word, every display,

All through careful consideration and selection. Thus, in the exhibition to fully display the image of beaver's spirit.

beaver to employ professional models in Europe andAmerica, with our hair stylist, the scene to show the use of products and the production of art.

Scene people for the opportunity and beauty models photo, to attract a large number of guests of the eye.

Exhibition on display of the beaver various brands of products, including the maintenance of his series, a series of odd idol style,

Cyanine source series, ICS herb plant extract, ginger flower extract repair series series, Luseta brand, Luxliss brand etc..

The design and placing each showcase, the pursuit of natural and simple style, and the concept of the production materials show nature.

This is full of autumn with the breath of the United States Fair, take you to enjoy the beauty salon industry to flourish,

Feel the beauty of the positive energy. beaver professional and high quality products and services,

Protect your hair, care for your beauty.